RAS ExIm is a service-focused company for machines all over the world. We offer you a wide variety of services. Import, export, maintenance, service and removals are our specialties. Rebuilding, maintenance and installations of graphic machines, especially in the web offset and paper converting machines, has becomes our specialism as a result of more than 20 years of experience. We are permanently expanding our knowledge and skills. By means of our knowledge and skills and using the best sub-contractors we are able to offer our clients a custom-made solution including transport & handling of documentations and licenses. Due to our expertise in web offset machines (MAN, KBA, GOSS, KING and Heidelberg) and in Paperconverting machines (Bielomatik, Will and Womako) we fulfill various assignments for principals at home and abroad.

Moving, dismantling and installing web offset machines is one of our core activities. Any required rebuilding, repairing and even cleaning can be done during the project. We have proven that we can handle projects from the beginning up to commissioning. RAS ExIm (in particular Heinz Bouwens) has proven to maintain a high quality in the graphic industry. We have succeeded in acquiring an international market position by keeping our promises and delivering a constant high quality. Working all over the world and managing installation projects in difficult situations we are able to work with people with different cultures all over the world. We always give the possibility to involve your own staff by dismantling, installing and or moving graphic machines. After all they are the ones who will operate the machines.

FOR SALE: Muller Martini RB5 – Perfect bindingline (1980)

FOR SALE: Balemaster Balenpers

FOR SALE: Autefa Balenpers